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SimRtec MSB Pro+ Xbox Wireless Progressive and button option  Handbrake  for XBOX ONE Series S and X , Plug and Play
SimRtec MSB Pro+ Xbox Wireless Progressive and button option  Handbrake  for XBOX ONE Series S and X , Plug and Play
SimRtec MSB Pro+ Xbox Wireless Progressive and button option  Handbrake  for XBOX ONE Series S and X , Plug and Play
SimRtec MSB Pro+ Xbox Wireless Progressive and button option  Handbrake  for XBOX ONE Series S and X , Plug and Play
SimRtec MSB Pro+ Xbox Wireless Progressive and button option  Handbrake  for XBOX ONE Series S and X , Plug and Play

Product Description

We use genuine Microsoft parts in our product but are not registered with microsoft in anyway 

handbrake Includes a 1 month xbox game pass ultimate code 

(turn recurring billing off after activating the code)

you can play the New Forza for free , WRC 23 free 5 hour trail , and quite a few other racing games with EA play and game pass 

MSB Pro Progressive version  XBOX ONE / S / X USB Plug and play handbrake using SimRlink

Works with all wheels logitech , thrustmaster and more


How it works

MSB Pro+ handbrake operates as an extra controller . you have the option of Progressive using Right trigger input or B button X button or A button with this handbrake 

these options are controlled via the MSB module 

Switch down

is progressive mode giving a analog/progressive output giving more control than using a button

Switch up

is button mode and if you press the push button while in this mode it will cycle through modes 4 modes the handbrake saves the last mode you were in 

mode 1 B button (most other games)

mode 2 X button (need for speed games , crew games)

mode 3 A button (Car X , Forza Horizon , Motorsport )

mode 4 Forza mode (A button going on and off very fast used with Forza see below)

The Handbrake uses our SimRlink wireless technology to connect to the handbrake.

Includes SimRlink receiver + SimRlink handbrake the  SimRlink receiver plugs into the xbox USB port and communicates with the MSB SimRlink on the front of the handbrake 

You can purchase just the SimRlink receiver if you already have our MSB handbrake with SimRlink installed and this will give you access to use your clutch pedal and handbrake at the same time.

This only works with XBOX ONE / S / X consoles works with all wheels on the market for the console mentioned

SimRlink allows upgrades in future 

Our SimRlink™ receiver allows you to add to your racing experience in the future , we have support for ignition boxes (coming soon) , button boxes (coming soon) , our SR Sequenial shifter using L1 and R1 buttons

Add a button box at any time 

Our SimRlink ™ receiver allows you to connect a wireless button box, check out our push button engine start  ignition boxes  free postage when purchased with a handbrake just add to your cart 

With our SimRlink ™ receivers you have access to buttons  B , X  , A , Y , R1 , L1 

 multiple button boxes can be connected and in future we will be making boxes with more buttons 

message us if your looking for some different than we have on the site

Games that we have tested and work with MSB Pro+ Progressive handbrake 

Crew 2 | Crew Motorfest (using X button mode ) no progressive handbrake in game

Need for speed Unbound (using X button mode ) no progressive handbrake in game

Dirt 2.0 (Tested for progressive input )

EA WRC 23 no setup needed if using B button mode , Progressive needs testing but pretty sure it will work 

Click here for video

 (video is pro version so instead of B button you will have right trigger show up)

New Product to help the Forza Throttle issue

we have now corrected the lack of throttle pedal when handbrake is on , we use a Product called Open pedals (coming soon) this reads the throttle and brake values and sends them to the SimRlink receiver this will then replicate the throttle , this only works when the handbrake is on when it is off , your normal throttle will be restored , with this product you will also be able to display your throttle and brake values with displays / leds in future 

DIRT 5 (We need to make a video for this setup go to inputs go down to handbrake and select it , when asked pull the handbrake this will assign Left trigger input)

Forza mode added (not progressive only works in button mode using A button)

See below issue with Forza  we have added an extra mode to our MSB handbrake module 

when the 2nd switch is down this is progressive operation and does not work with Forza Horizon when the handbrake is in button mode

Switch up (A button used ) it will  handbrake is active (red led on) this is normal operation

in this mode if you press the push button it will switch the handbrake to Forza mode 

Forza mode

This will cut the handbrake in and out very fast (when handbrake is active) this allows the below issue with Forza to not be as affected by it so you can regain control of the car even if the handbrake is held on , where as before you would have no controls until the handbrake was let go. We will try to get videos up of the issue and our Forza mode so the differences can be seen.

The Forza Horizon issue

Click here for video showing Forza issue

Forza Horizon 4 (works but we have noticed when using the handbrake all the wheel controls lock out until the handbrake is released and a pedal is pressed for example you loose steering (just stays centred in game) while handbrake is pulled , you loose throttle and also gear change  soon as you let go of the handbrake the wheel controls come back in.(after you press a pedal for example throttle)

we recommend when using the handbrake with this game to pull handbrake get sideways then let go and do it again if you need more handbrake to not leave it pulled back for very long as you will loose all steering and throttle

WRC Generations , 10 , 9 

Click here for video (video is pro version so instead of B button you will have right trigger show up)

CarX Drift Racing (tested for progressive input)

Click here for video (video is pro version so instead of B button you will have right trigger show up)

Grid Legends (need to fully test  )

Need for Speed heat (use X button mode)

Games that do not work

Forza motorsport 7

asseto corsa

assetto corsa competizione (no handbrake in game)

Please check the games you wish to play allow this option in set up if not on our working / not working list

to test the games you wish to play , plug in a external controller , set the handbrake button to B and see if you get the handbrake if you press B on external controller if you do our handbrake will work if not you either need to map it correctly to the external on controller on B button or it will not work on external controller.

Programmable braking point

Our new version MSB handbrake has a push button that you press to set your braking point from the braking point the MSB handbrake calculates the output from 100% (the chosen braking point) to 0 which is the rest position of the handbrake.

Mounting options for handbrake 

Universal Mount (£10)

This mount can be used for most sim rigs and wheel stands on the market designed to be fitted with a Logitech shifter bolted next to the handbrake 

Playseat Evolution pro

if you have a gear shifter on the mount you will need the universal mount but if you don't have one you can use our M6 2 bolt option and this puts the handbrake where the shifter would be and is only (£3 extra)

Playseat Challange / Playseat with out pro mount + £3

if You already have a mount for your Playseat that fits Logitech shifter you can use the Universal mount if you don't you need to purchase a mount and then get the Universal mount.

or you can use this bar mount which mounts under the wheel then using PSC mount to mount the handbrake 


Click here for UK Playseat R.A.C.00168 Amazon link

Click here for USA Amazon link for mount

our mount will only fit this product from amazon choose PSC mount for this option

To fit this mount you need to remove the bolt and springs to gain access to the allen key bolts (M8) a 13mm spanner can do this this unwind take springs / washers off then fit part to mount then put back together

M6 2 bolt mount (£3 extra)

This mount can be used with most standard gear shifter mounting plates that come with racing chairs from popular brands this mount has the same hole spacing as a Thrustmaster gear shifter  , this mount can only be used with those if you do not have a shifter mounted on the standard plate

Additional Desk Clamp Mount + £12

The Clamp mount has a full closure of about 15mm so if what you are clamping to is less that 15mm thick we will need to add a 3D printed spacer so please message us to let us know you need this option if required

Delivery & Returns

Dispatch time 

All Products are built to order Order 

Orders will be dispatched with in 5 to 7 days but this time could be less 


We are now shipping to USA and Canada as well as the UK 


No EU shipping (to many extra costs)



Return & Refund Policy

Thanks for shopping at SimRtec. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we're here to help. Returns You have 14  calendar days to return an item from the date you received it. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. Your item must be packaged in suitable packaging so not to damage the item on return.


Return for non working item

We always try to resolve non working item issues via email , so if you get your item and can not get it working as you expect please email us , in the event we can not get the item working via email , and a part failure is causing the issue we try to send out parts ( to save sending the item back ) , but at this point if you wish to return the item you can , if we find we are at fault we will discuss options case by case basis for international returns, UK returns is not an issue just return item


Once we receive your item, we will inspect it and notify you that we have received your returned item. We will immediately notify you on the status of your refund after inspecting the item. If your return is approved, we will initiate a refund to your credit card (or original method of payment). You will receive the refund to the method of payment used to purchase the item. within 7 working day , depending on your card issuer's policies.




we will send you a returns label were you can go to post office with a QR code or print label (UK only)

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MSB Pro+ Progressive , Xbox Handbrake , USB, XBOX ONE Series S and X , Plug and Play All wheels

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